In the first week of May we had an interesting guest in Arabia school. App Designer came to visit the 5th graders, whose innovation projects include apps or other software.

First the guest kept a short introduction to app designing. What are the apps, who is making them, how they are made and how they benefit us in our everyday life? The students were listening with concentration and many of them were answering the questions visitor made.

After a short introduction, the teams started to sketch the apps on a paper. All the groups had to draw at least three “screens” ready, so they could perceive the framework of the apps; first the main screen, then by clicking the button you move to the next view, and then the next. Some of the groups got so excited, that they were drawing more than ten screens during the day. And the work was done well and exact.

After the fast sketches, we started to use the app that is made for testing prototypes of apps. With this tool, it is possible to test the buttons working on the real phone screen. It was an eye-opening experience for many students to see the action on the phone screen. The use of this app was very easy for all the students. According to our guest it was smoother than with adults.

The content of this lecture and the workshop was clearly very interesting and exciting for the 5th graders!