The exhibition kicked off with a Kahoot quiz.

Innovation Exhibition held at University of Helsinki´s Minerva Plaza on May 22nd completed the spring of Co4Lab project. Young innovators from Arabia, Aurinkolahti and Koulumestari comprehensive schools set up an exhibition of their own innovations they have been building and improving during the spring semester. The exciting day kicked off with a Kahoot quiz. Would you have known which natural phenomena the developer of velcro tape was inspired by?

Once the winners of the quiz had received their prizes, each small group had a turn on presenting their own prototype or product regarding solutions to the challenges of everyday life and smart products.  Exhibition guests had a look at the inventions and other young innovators visited other schools’ spots and gave feedback to each other. While some were busy viewing the inventions, others visited GoGo Board workshop organized and led by the 8th grade tutor pupils of Aurinkolahti comprehensive school. Pupils were also put under pressure in a playful express invention task, in which they created new ideas based on other groups’ inventions.

Nuoret innovaattorit upeilla messupisteillään.

Young innovators and their dashing exhibition spots.


GoGo Board-pajassa oli keskittynyt tunnelma digitutoreiden ohjatessa messuvieraita.

The atmosphere at the GoGo Board workshop was focudes when digi tutors were giving guidance to exhibition guests.

Pikakeksintötehtävässä prototyypin suunnittelu lähti vauhdikkaasti käyntiin.

The building of prototypes got under way very soon during the express invention task.










The lunch break and work out kept the participants going and everybody, including Co4-Lab project manager, Professor Kai Hakkarainen and exhibition’s surprise guest speaker Jason Selvarajan were inspired by the SprintGame App and jumped up and down and tested their balance. You could feel the joy and team spirit, which in fact as Jason pointed out, are very important with regard to invention process as well. Jason also encouraged the young innovators to believe in their dreams and work hard to achieve them. Jason himself has designed a water saving shower Showerloop, so his valuable tips for the students were welcomed and appreciated.

SprintGame –sovellus innoitti messuväen iloiseen taukojumppaan.

The SprintGame App inspired everyone to cheerful work out during the brake.


Exhibition atmosphere was great and carnivalistic and the event as a whole a success first and foremost due to the commitment and impressive enthusiasm for innovating of pupils and teachers of the attending schools. Thank you!


Exhibition Greetings,

Sorella & Satu