Co4-Lab research

The project relies on the method of design experiments that involves iterative cultivation of method and practices of knowledge creation at schools. Researchers will explore, develop, and model functional co-inquiry, co-design and co-invention practices together with schools and other stakeholders.

During school projects, researchers, teachers, and students document knowledge-creation processes by process portfolios and video recordings. Various digital tools will be used to store collaborative invention and knowledge building processes. In addition, it will be administered pre- and post tests for assessing participants’ evolving learning, motivation, knowledge and competence. Activities of selected student teams will be traced by videotaping and documenting emerging sketches, mock ups, and inventions. When appropriate mobile devices will be used to analyse contextual variation of engagement.

Participation in Co4-Lab project

Current pilot of schools of Co4-Lab include Koulumestari School (Espoo), Viikki Teacher Training School, Arabia Primary School and Aurinkolahti School (Helsinki). These schools have committed to systematic design experiments and we aim at integrating pedagogic experimentation and design-based research with one another.

Co4-Lab projects are relatively long-standing so as to provide sufficient possibilities for iteratively developing and experimenting with ideas and innovations. The school projects take usually 1-2 semesters but could also involve focused short-term experiments.

Data collection will take place across several steps and the first design experiment started in February 2016.

Co4-Lab project is open to collaboration also with other lower and upper primary schools. We are committed to share all pedagogic frameworks, models and experiences with interested teachers and schools.