During the spring semester, seventh grade pupils from Aurinkolahti primary school have been innovating new smart products and smart clothes, in a multi-subject project. Ideation workshops, organized by SuoMu – the Finnish Association of Design Learning, kick-started the project on February. Some inventions created by the innovator groups during the workshops were:

  • Smartjacket
  • Ergonomy handles for smartphones
  • Multi-function chair for gamers
  • Smar eyeglasses
  • Plant care system
  • Smar sportswear
  • Smarbike
  • Pocket warmer
  • UrPo, smar sports insole

More tools for further development of the innovations, the groups got from GoGo Board training sessions arranged by tutor-pupils − the Digiagents − from eight grade. Together with the expert Digiagents the innovators have been developing their inventions to smart, high-tech products.

Gogo Boardiin tutustumista Aurinkolahdessa

GoGo Board workshop on action

The project has become a ture innovation process through experiments and prototyping. The innovators have moved from the first ideas towards actual products during crafts classes, where the innovator groups have developed their inventions though divers methord. The project is still ongoing. The innovators will present some of their final inventions at the Innovation Exhibition, held at the University of Helsinki on Monday 22nd of May (read more about the Innovation Exhibition here)

Älypyörän ensimmäinen prototyyppi

First prototype of the smartbike


Kipinät sinkoilevat älypyöräprojektissa

Sparks fly on the smartbike project


Kasvienhoitojärjestelmän suunnitteluryhmä työssään

Innovators on action, designing the plant care system


Älykkään UrPo-urheilupohjallisen upea luonnos

Magnificent sketch of UrPo – smart sports insole